What is the cost of plantation shutters?

Plantation Shutters are an extremely versatile and durable product. But is the cost worth the benefit?

You have done your research and know that window shutters would be great for your new home. You’ve found out that they are fantastically durable for family homes and read that they are easy to clean, adjustable for heat, light and privacy. You know you can leave a window open at night and not get woken by any rattle, and that this is your top pick to finish the look of your new home.

But, what should you expect to pay? They look expensive and it seems like there are so many options to choose from, not to mention installation costs to consider. So here is the low down on the cost of plantation shutters.

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Plantation Shutters Compared to Other Window Covering Options

Compared to a simple roller blind or old fashioned vertical, plantation shutters seem expensive. You have already worked out that you get more bang for your buck with shutters.

If privacy is a major concern for you, a plantation shutter is not dissimilar in price to a double roller system. Window shutters are also much less expensive than sheer and fully lined curtains, while roman blinds in a decorative fabric can cost slightly less than plantation shutters (though this can change dramatically according to fabric choice). Overall, in terms of what plantation shutters cost, custom made aesthetics and other benefits, such as light and airflow control, shutters provide incredible value for money.

Aluminium shutters are the leading plantation shutter choice, as they are an extremely versatile and durable product. These have been developed to provide an alternative to timber shutters, proving more durable for families and wet areas. Aluminium shutters can span the wide widths of Australian sized windows, something other materials are not able to do.

Classic Blinds aluminium plantation shutters are manufactured locally. This ensures there are none of the quality inconsistencies associated with imported products. Choosing a product manufactured in Australia also ensure you much shorter lead times.

Teak, poplar and basswood shutters are options available from Chinese manufacturers. There are risks that these timber shutters become damaged in transit. Splitting timbers also can occur due to lack of kiln drying. Paint stick-ability are often questionable on this make of shutters.

PVC shutters are sometimes called thermo poly shutters or vinyl shutters. These shutters are constructed using an internal aluminium frame. The frame provides more stability during transit, but they are heavy. The heaviness of the material means panels are restricted to max 900mm wide.

PVC plantation shutters have become one of the most widely offered options from many blinds and shutter companies. Though reasonably priced, quality inconsistency and lead times can be problematic as they are often imported products.

PVC Plantation Shutters
Shutter Material Cost* Lifespan Warranty
PVC Plantation Shutters
5 Years +
3 Years
Basswood Plantation Shutters
5 Years +
3 Years
Aluminium Plantation Shutters
$$ - $$$
25 Years +
25 Years +

*Prices & Warranty can vary between retailers based on many factors

Some Tips on Controlling the Budget

If building a new home, first get a price off plan for your dream outcome – have the quote itemised window by window or per square metre. Most banks will include funds for window coverings if covered early on.

If the dream of plantation shutters is unattainable think about staging the order into manageable chunks. You can usually negotiate a whole house price by placing a holding deposit on the entire order but agree to 2 or 3 stages. Prioritising by rooms of the house is also a solution for adding window shutters in stages.

Next Step to Get Plantation Shutters

Do your research! Check the Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews of the company you are getting quotes from. Plantation Shutters should be a quality addition to your home.  Don’t risk a poor product or poor customer service experience with a second rate company. Quality customer service is important in deciding which shutters quote to accept.

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us for a free measure and quote to get started!

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