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Classic blinds were great. From consultation to installation the process was very smooth and our new blinds look great!

Alissa Eames,


Classic Blinds were great. From consultation to installation the process was very smooth and our new blinds look great!

Alissa Eames,


Roller Blinds Locally Made in Newcastle

Fabric roller blinds are simple, sleek and flexible window coverings, offering a huge range of colours, fabrics and light-filtering options. Roller vertical blinds make an excellent feature of any room, blending in seamlessly into your interior decoration. Even the base bar can be styled to suit your décor with fabric wrapped and special finishes available.

Easy to care for, roller blinds are perfect for minimalist interiors as they almost disappear when they’re up. Choose the roller blind that works best for the room: regular, sunscreen or heavy-duty block out blinds.

Double Roller Blind in Bedroom

Sunscreen & Sheer Roller Blinds

Banish the harsh glare but keep your view with our sunscreen and sheer quality blinds collection. These roller vertical blinds will give you complete privacy during the day. For privacy in the evening, add a second blind on a double roller system. Our wide range of colours will suit any interior décor.

If you want both privacy and light, add a translucent roller blind to your living area. These are particularly good for south-facing rooms that often benefit from additional light.

Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blind systems provide day and night privacy and glare reduction. Roll down a sunscreen fabric roller blind for day time use. At night, bring down a second blind in block out or privacy fabric for additional light reduction and privacy. Quality is assured through tests on the fabric and rolling mechanism of every blind. Classic Blinds & Shutters uses only the world’s best components. A strong aluminium tube supports the fabric for long term reliability.

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Block Out Roller Blinds

When you don’t want the early sun disturbing you at 5am, choose from our popular block out roller blind range. These blinds not only block sunlight and glare, but the reflective white lining also provides superior heat insulation.

Retractable blockout blinds are perfect for doorways. They are non-intrusive and can even be linked together across wide doorways to minimise chains.

Bonded roller blinds are a great way to inject colour and pattern for a smallish window. Drapery fabric is ‘bonded’ or glued to a stiff blind fabric. These work best for windows around 1200mm wide with pelmets.

Roller Blind Automation

Put the power of automation at your fingertips. You can now automate your roller blinds, controlling them via a remote, a smartphone app, or through voice commands when integrated with a smart home system.

Motorised roller blinds are a sleek and popular choice for those seeking a minimalist aesthetic. They operate through a quiet, motorised mechanism that can raise or lower the blind at the touch of a button. Automate your home with smart blinds.


Most frequent questions and answers on roller blinds

Roller blinds are operated either manually with a chain to one side or operated as a motorised roller blinds.

Spring loaded blinds are a thing of the past, but the industry is looking again at this approach from a child safety point of view. Our quality blinds are safe to operate, both manually or motorised.

Yes, it is part of our legal obligation when installing blinds. Plus we couldn’t live with the responsibility of a child being hurt from our work.

We have a great range of fabrics, most are neutral colours with interesting texture but we also have colour and patterns


There are fundamentally 3 different types:


  • Sunscreen or sheer, reduces glare or heat, helps protect furniture, you can see out during the day but can’t see in. This reverses at night
  • Light Filtering or translucent, ideal for living areas – complete privacy but retain natural light
  • Block out – can match this fabric to more or less any in the translucent range with the addition of a rubber backing. Great for bedrooms.

Yes, we call these dual blinds or blinds on double brackets. We usually combine a sunscreen or sheer fabric with a block out or translucent to provide flexible levels of light, privacy and sun protection. 

Dual blinds are ideal window furnishings for any home. Best done as a professional installation to ensure high quality and durability.

For chain drive blind the minimum width is 670mm and the maximum width is 3000mm and that is because the fabrics do not go any wider. Occasionally, we can do a sunscreen up to 4400mm.

Maximum drop is 4000mm, but that is just an indication. Narrow width blinds easily roll off over long drops, which is why it's best to get expert advice with an obligation free measure and quote.

For automated blinds the minimum width can be as small as 450mm if using battery pack motor. Maximum width is 3000mm as limited by availability of fabric.