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Fantastic service, lovely staff, a quality experience all round.

Julie-Anne Kelly,

Fern Bay

Fantastic service, lovely staff, a quality experience all round.

Julie-Anne Kelly,

Fern Bay

Folding Arm Awnings Locally Made in Newcastle

Folding arm awnings offer versatility and style to outdoor living spaces. Their durable design provides ample shade without the need for additional support structures, making them a seamless addition to any patio, deck, or entertaining area.

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As experts in outdoor window fittings, we understand how the Australian climate can be harsh and unpredictable. The protection from the sun’s heat and glare afforded by folding arm awnings is not just practical but also extends the life of outdoor furnishings by guarding against UV damage.

Moreover, retractable awnings allows you to control the amount of sunlight entering the house with ease, providing comfort and energy efficiency.

Benefits of Folding Arm Awnings

When we talk about enhancing our outdoor living spaces, folding arm awnings stand out for their versatility and functionality.

Key Benefits:

  • Sun Protection: Our awnings provide substantial shade year round, so you can enjoy your outdoor patios or decks no matter the weather.
  • Energy Efficiency: By shading windows and doors, awnings play a role in keeping your home cooler. This can lead to a reduction in air conditioning use, thereby lowering energy costs.
  • Space Maximising: Retractable awnings require no permanent structures for support, giving you flexibility and maximising space when we don’t need shade.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With a range of styles and colours available, folding arm awnings can complement the architectural design of any home and outdoor setting.

Automate Your Folding Arm Awnings

We source most of our options from Australian manufacturer, Helioscreen, whose awnings have been cleverly designed to withstand the toughest of treatments whilst reducing the sun’s penetration and absorbing the heat.

Helioscreen folding arm awnings feature high quality aluminium, robust die cast parts, and four tear resistant steel cables within the articulated arms – for ideal functioning and longer lasting trouble free operation. 

For added convenience, awnings can be motorised using a Somfy remote control, rather than a manual crank.

Customise Your Folding Arm Awnings

Our collection includes contemporary options that can cover expansive areas, making them the ideal shading solution for maximum projection.

Available in an extensive range of fabric colours and patterns our awning fabric is made with UV resistant materials to blend into your house. Each folding arm awning has a premium range of Dulux finish colours to choose from and is custom made to your requirements.


Most frequent questions and answers on folding arm awnings

A folding arm awning has been designed as for shading from the sun, it will give superficial protection from the rain but to lengthen the life of the fabric it is best to put it away during wet weather. The water can pool on the fabric, stretch and make it difficult to roll back up.

Good quality folding arm awnings can withstand winds that are strong but not gall force. By the nature of the product, cantilevered off a building the unit should be put away until the wind dies down. Some models even offer wind sensors so you know when its time to pack them away.

Under no circumstances should the awning be left out unattended.

Some models of folding arm awnings can be crank operated. We generally recommend that folding arm awnings are automated and motorised as they will be more fully used and more importantly put away when required.

Folding arm awnings can be made in almost any coloured suitable fabric including stripes, but it will have to be a solid acrylic suitable for use outdoors. A light colour will help to reflect heat and allow for filtered light underneath, a dark fabric will absorb heat and light. The hardware can be powder coated to any colour from the Dulux powder coat range there are a couple of standard colours, silver and white.

Put your folding arm awning away when not in use. Do not use in weather that is unpleasant to sit in yourself, and give it a hose down with clean water a couple of times a year to wash off any dirt or salt residue.

Generally not, however it is advised to contact your local council to confirm maximum width requirements in your area.

Every new awning installation is treated independently of one another. Meaning there is no “one size fits all” approach to the regulations behind this. 

Some basic rules to follow are:

  • Cannot exceed 10m2 in size.

  • Cannot project beyond 2m of an external wall.

  • Must NOT be used for advertising.

  • Must NOT be placed on bush fire prone land.

See the NSW Government Environmental Planning Policy Page for more specific standards to comply with, for installation of a Folding Arm Awning. 


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