How To Clean your Blinds and Shutters

Updated Sep 25, 2019 | By Bev Fidler


Have you recently invested in brand new blinds and shutters for your home?

Do you want your window coverings to stay looking fresh and clean? As manufacturers of high quality, locally made blinds and shutters, we understand the importance of looking after your window coverings like you would your lawn or leather products!

How to clean Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Aluminium Plantation Shutters are an incredibly low maintenance and durable product, suitable for both internal and external environments. To remove dust from the blades, simply wipe with a damp cloth. For minor scratches caused by children or pets, use a small amount of car polish and buff carefully to remove the scratch.

Cleaning Plantation Shutters

How to clean Timber Plantation Shutters

Timber Plantation Shutters require a little more looking after than their Aluminium counterpart. Use a dry cloth to remove any dust from the blades. If the product is painted, a damp cloth or very mild detergent can also be used.

How to clean Basswood and PVC Plantation Shutters

For Basswood and PVC products, use a damp cloth to remove dust or a very mild detergent to remove any marks. Finish with a dry cloth to prevent the timber from warping. Avoid using harsh chemicals or excessive amounts of water.

How to clean Fabric Blinds

To remove dust from your fabric blinds, use the small brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. We recommend doing this regularly to prevent a build-up of dust on the fabric and ensure that your blinds always look fresh! If there are any small marks on your blinds, use an art eraser very lightly or use baby wipes. As manufacturers of blinds, we understand the damage insects can do to fabric! Ensure your fabric blinds are kept insect free and if you do notice small holes anywhere on the fabric, check for moths in your house.

Blinds are generally low-maintenance but following these simple tips will ensure they stay looking new for as long as possible! Come into our Parry St Showroom for more details if you are unsure about cleaning your blinds and our expert staff will be more than happy to help! Alternatively, book an appointment with one of our sales consultants who will visit your home in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Hunter Valley or Port Stephens region.

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