Window Treatments to Make Rooms Look Bigger

If you’re looking for ways to make a small room look bigger, one of the best options you have is to choose a window treatment that complements your interior, allows natural light to flood the room, and uses window coverings that don’t encroach on the space.

When considering window treatments, your main choices are curtains, blinds (such as roman or roller blinds), and plantation shutters. Each type of window covering has its unique traits, and all can add flair and contemporary style to an interior space.

Which one you choose for your home will depend on several factors, including the layout of the room itself, existing décor, level of privacy needed and ability to control light. But what is the best choice of window treatment to help a room feel bigger? Are some better than others? Are there options you should avoid? 

Reference this simple guide when choosing your window treatment, and you can be sure to get a result you’re happy with!

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Which Window Treatment Will Make My Room Feel Bigger?

When considering the right window treatments to choose, your main options are blinds, curtains, and shutters. There are variations of each of these that will help to make a space feel bigger. Consider the room you are working in.

What is the existing décor? How easy is it to rearrange the space? What is the current layout? The answers to these questions will inform much of your decision. 

Colour Palette Makes A Difference

No matter what window treatment you end up choosing, it pays to remember to stick to a lighter colour palette. Neutrals such as white, silver-grey, and beige are common choices; versatile enough to complement almost any interior decor.

For a warmer feel, try eggshell white or a warm peach. The key is to remember that the lighter the colour choice, the larger and airier the space will feel. 


Do curtains make a room appear smaller?

Many people would assume that curtains would make a space feel significantly smaller than if blinds were used. This isn’t necessarily true, though. There are many simple things that you can do if you are looking to install curtains in your small space to make it appear larger. 

Which style of curtains makes a room appear larger? 

One of the biggest factors that affect the feel of the size of a room is the amount of light that is let into the space. This is why lightweight linen curtains in a light colour such as beige work so well in small spaces.

If you’re after more light and privacy control than linen can provide, you can still do some things to help the space appear larger. Go for the lightest shade of fabric you can and consider choosing a style of curtains with vertical elements that draw the eye up towards the ceiling. This will make the walls appear taller.

You could also try an ornate curtain rod to achieve the same effect, or a wider one to give the walls the appearance of being larger than they actually are.

How long should I hang my curtains to make a room appear bigger? 

The way your curtains are installed goes a long way towards helping an interior space appear larger than it is. In this case, the higher you can install the curtain rod, the better.

Try hanging the curtains around four inches from the ceiling if you have ceiling molds, or around 6 inches if you don’t. This way the curtains will continue to conceal the edges of the window, but also elongate the walls and make the room feel bigger.

Allow the curtains to hang long. If you’re concerned about the fabric pooling on the floor and becoming dirty, hang them so the fabric falls around an inch above the ground. Window or mid-length curtains can work against your efforts to make a room feel larger.

Outdoor Plantation Shutters with Curtains


Blinds make a great option for those looking for a more minimalistic feel in their space. Blinds come in many types, each with its own features and benefits.

Which style of blinds makes a room appear larger?

When it comes to choosing a window treatment that will help to make a room appear larger, it is important to consider how the solution will encroach on the space. Many people opt for blinds over curtains when dressing windows in smaller rooms as the excess of fabric can almost ‘take over the room, leaving its occupants feeling closed in and cramped. The type of blinds you end up choosing will depend on the existing decor, your needs, and your personal taste, but there are a few blind variants that are commonly used in small spaces. These are:

Each of these options is suitable for helping smaller spaces appear larger as they allow for maximum light to flood the room, as well as the control to block out light and prying eyes when needed. Remember to keep the colour palette light to keep the room feeling airy and open. Shutters are an increasingly popular choice for property owners looking to create a light and airy space that feels open and welcoming. Their design allows for plenty of light to flood a space, which helps reduce the overbearing feel that a smaller room can have, particularly when it is well furnished.


Shutters are an increasingly popular choice for property owners looking to create a light and airy space that feels open and welcoming. Their design allows for plenty of light to flood a space, which helps reduce the overbearing feel that a smaller room can have, particularly when it is well furnished.

Do shutters make a room feel bigger?

Window shutters maximise daylight and their sleek minimalistic design keeps things neat and simple. Shutters make a great choice for a small room that will see lots of light and cool breezes, such as a sunroom. Remember to choose light colours, such as a cool white. Colour choice goes a long way when trying to keep a room feeling larger than it is.

Which window treatment should you choose if you want a space to appear larger?

If you’re looking for window treatments that will help a room feel larger than it is, you might have more options than you initially thought. Remember the key aspects to consider are light, colour, and the amount of space the solution will take up in a space. If you’re looking for further ways to maximise the appearance of space in a small room, try:

  • removing clutter in front of and around the window area
  • relocating any furniture currently sitting in front of the window
  • keeping your interior decor consistent and light: darker colours can contribute to a sense of crowding

For further help in choosing the perfect window treatment for your space, contact our team today! 

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