DIY Shutters: What to Consider

The plantation shutter is a popular choice in Australia as they are energy efficient and durable. They offer light and privacy control with adjustable slats and are suitable for wet areas, such as bathrooms. They are also a popular choice with first-time DIYers, as they can be fairly easy to install.

If you’ve got plantation shutter panels in mind for your next home or business update, you’ll want to know the best manufacturer and retailer to buy them from. DIY enthusiasts or those wanting good value for money may first think of bulk retailers as one of the best places to buy DIY shutters. But doing so may not always be the best choice.

Before you start your project, you might want to consider a few things.

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Things to Consider Before Buying DIY Shutters 

Do Your Research

When researching where to purchase your new shutters, you should try to understand what you need. Consider the rooms you’re looking to install them in:

  • What are the applicable window measurements?
  • What colours could work well, or which ones will you?
  • Do you need custom sizes?
  • What is the max width?
  • What are adjustable shutter frames? Do you need them
  • Are you better going with PVC shutter panels instead?

As you can see, you might end up with more questions than you first started with. This is when you should not cut corners and speak with an expert that can give you the answers you need for your window project and frame.

Do Your Measurements

If you’ve never installed shutters before, or are unsure exactly what you want, this can lead to a lot of time spent wondering if your frame fits into the standard sizes, or if the available colours suit your existing décor.

While you may receive helpful general advice, this doesn’t compare to having an experienced professional actually attend your property. Choosing to enlist the help of the professionals means you receive accurate measurements and costings.

It’s also important to consider, some product lines of shutters carried instore – such as the Easyas Adjustable Shutters – are standard sizes and colours. This means if you had a custom designed window frame or wanted a certain size for your shutters, you would need to make serious adjustments to the shutters. 

Do Your Budget

If you have your heart set on going the DIY route and purchasing your shutters from a store to try and reduce costs, you still need to consider the installation costs.

Installation costs for shutters can be at an hourly or fixed rate. It will range between $70 to $100 per hour for an hourly rate. Final installation cost could be between $2,200 and $3,600, depending on the number of windows you need to install on. 

Consider Classic Blinds

If you opt for a professional installation, we can help you pick the right frame type, shutter, and range to suit each window frame and create a light and airy space you and your guests will enjoy. For a simple, efficient, and stress-free experience, why not take us up on our free measure and quote and start your journey towards beautiful plantation shutters made easy? Contact our team today!

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