It is a pity that these neighbours didn’t get together and agree a look for their building. I took this photo as I was driving past one day, as we have lots of discussion over the number of panels that should be used in a window.

I’m a big advocate of matching the number of panels to mirror the window, consequently I think the configuration on the left looks better. I suspect that the white shutters on the right are made from PVC or similar and won’t go the span of the window and the owner has had no choice but to go with four panels. To my eye it looks cluttered and busy on this contemporary building; small panels can work on a cottage. The timber panels on the left look like Western Red Cedar and it is the best timber for making the wider spans. More expensive than other timbers or synthetics available, it is by far the most versatile and durable. You can paint it to any colour if you don’t like the timber look.

Personally, I love the warmth of timber and think it was the right choice for this building.

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